Customs Broker Training for the October 25, 2017 Exam

What Level of Instruction Do You Need and Can You Afford?

Are You Looking for a US Customs Broker License Training Program with a Classroom Review?


Take a look at our Five Day Programs in Orlando! Both include everything you are looking for to pass the exam. PLUS you have a choice, between two different programs, to prepare for the Five Day Classroom Review.

Choose the one that fits your learning style:

The Five Days of Classes with the Distance Learning Program is a premium two-phase study program for those who are serious about obtaining their US Customs Broker License. It offers the benefit of constant communication and counseling from an online instructor — and the dynamic interaction of a conventional classroom!

But for the dedicated student, who has the resolve to complete an Independent Study Preparation Program, while still understanding the value of a classroom, we have the Independent Study Plus Five Day Classroom!

With either program you can begin your studies in the luxury of your own space and you can complete them in Orlando with five days of class time, fully preparing you to take the US Customs Broker License Exam!

Can't make it to a Classroom? We have another choice for you!

The Multimedia Distance Learning Program, allows you the comfort of your own home by providing you with your own personal instructor, online quizzes, streaming video lectures on valuation, special programs, and classification. All of this as you, and your instructor, progress, chapter by chapter, thru the textbook, together. You will also find the entire Textbook in the Students Corner of the Distance Learning Program. YES! Now, if you are traveling you do not need to pack those heavy books, all you will need is an Internet connection to continue your studies anywhere in the world! In addition, right before the exam, you can review everything you have studied with our new On-Demand Webinar series!

What you will NEED is the commitment to study! Want to start right now? Good! Because you can! You do not have to wait for your textbooks to start studying, to help you get on track, as quickly as possible after registration; we have put in your Students Corner the first five chapters of our textbook…Start Down the Road to Success Today!

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If you have taken the test before and are only looking for a "bit of review" or if you are a truly dedicated Student, take a look at one of our other programs, with Logistics Training Systems, it is all about choices, and our choices start at ONLY $250.00! For Complete Details